Mission and Values


Leading in providing a quality service to the customer, providing innovative solutions in aluminum, supported by a highly motivated team.

Ensure a high added value for shareholders in a context of social responsibility.


The recognition of the quality of Sapa Portugal's systems is measured by the satisfaction of the final customers, so the materials supplied, the assistance to the installers and the application of the products on site are of the utmost importance to the company's employees.

Sapa Portugal seeks to act with zeal and competence in the process of developing, disseminating, producing and distributing its products, taking into account the legislation in force and the professional principles and practices applicable to the sector.

Sapa is committed to the design and design of creative and functional products that improve its competitiveness in the market.

Social responsability
Sapa is particularly sensitive to the well-being of people, with priority being given to the safety and hygiene of its premises in order to protect its employees and visitors. Also in the context of environmental protection there is great sensitivity to the need to maintain responsible principles of action that lead to resource savings and sustainability.

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